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safety is our No. 1 priority

  • Safety Standards Safety Standards

    ReflectoSafe reflective end products are tested in our in-house testing facility (Test Report of the same can be made available on request) to meet ISO 20471 standards for durability, washability and performance in different weather and lighting conditions.

  • Innovation Innovation

    ReflectoSafe understands that solutions are derived from innovation. We upgrade our technology consistently, thus making materials safer, lighter, stronger and comfortable to wear. Our goal is to enhance the degree of productivity thereby promising utmost safety to our clients.

  • Quality check of ReflectloSafe Quality

    ReflectoSafe products are manufactured using highly tested branded equipment and accessories. Every garment is checked thoroughly to ensure performance and safety.

  • Comfort of ReflectloSafe jackets Comfort

    You no longer need to sacrifice comfort or safety. We at ReflectoSafe understand the need for the perfect balance between safety and comfort. ReflectoSafe's mission is to offer maximum safety, comfort and functionality through all our products.

  • Vision of ReflectloSafe Our Vision

    To establish a strong foothold by offering world class services across the globe and achieve professional excellence in the OEM realm. Ethical means justify our noble ends.

  • Missions of ReflectloSafe Our Mission

    We shall strive to be a value based organization seeking professional excellence through our products, processes and services. We aspire to serve the society at large through our extensive range of high visibility safety products.

Mr. Rakshit Damani &
Mr. Lalit Aggarwal

Reflectosafe, a pioneer in high visibility solutions was founded by Mr. Rakshit Damani & Mr. Lalit Aggarwal way back in 2003. Since then, they have led Reflectosafe on the path to success through focussed innovation and implementation of stellar technology. Reflectosafe, a leader in providing safety solutions for the workplace strives to offer an enriched experience through a variety of novel product offerings.

Rakshit Damani & Lalit Aggarwal
About ReflectloSafe

ReflectoSafe TM High Visibility clothing is powered by 3M Scotchlite TM reflective tapes, a superior brand that offers highest degree of reflectivity. ReflectoSafe offers reflective safety products that provide ultimate protection, comfort, style & safety.

We provide a plethora of products such as Reflective Hi-Viz, vests, jackets, rainwear, winter jackets, arm bands, seat belt covers etc. all manufactured to meet ISO 20471 standards (international standards for High visibility and reflective products).