We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Recent uprising in the number of road accidents has drawn our attention towards the lack of awareness about safety equipments amongst Indian citizens. Our research highlights maximum occurrences of these accidents in areas fitted with poor visibility infrastructure. A bigger number of the mishaps are due to dimly lit roads resulting in reduced visibility. This is an issue of grave concern and needs to be addressed immediately. We are keen on uniting with blind associations and animal safety organizations to create awareness about safety of individuals and animals on a huge platform publicizing the atrocities occurring due to low visibility. We, at ReflectoSafe offer hi visibility tailor made reflective garments, arm bands and belts for utmost protection of your pets.

At ReflectoSafe, we don’t compromise on safety; the true price of safety is invariably somebody's life. We regard that community-based development leads to more sustainable development. We await your affirmation to make a difference, enhance the quality of life of various communities and serve the society at large through our extensive range of high visibility safety products.

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We strongly support the Swaccha bharat Abhiyan initiated by our government. We support this further by ensuring the safety of sweepers and solid waste management personnel. ReflectoSafe offers a huge range of hi-visibility solutions while they are on clean-up duty.

We also urge the corporate industry to procure and avail these hi-visibility garments as part of their CSR activities. They can avail of special discounts especially because of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative.