We Offer Customization Of High-Visibility


  • Manufactured in
    ReflectoSafe facilities
  • Lock Stitch
    seams for
    extra durability
  • Space for Company
    logo to be printed
  • Made with Velcro
    or zipper closure
  • Apparel can be customised
    as per your specifications
  • Poly core
    thread on all
  • Transparent pocket
    for identity cards
  • Stitch mobile
    pocket on request
Available Colours
  • Reflective Wear clipart
  • Reflective Jacket clipart
  • Reflective Tapes clipart
  • Reflective Tapes clipart
  • ReflectoSafe understands the need for customizing products for end-users, so that they are provided with the highest standard of comfort & satisfaction
  • At ReflectoSafe we consider all factors & working conditions
  • Our entire process of manufacturing the product is undertaken keeping 'YOU' in mind
  • A logo ensures easy department wise segregation of duties, both on & off site
  • Customization emphasizes the need for a clear demarcation among workers at different levels of hierarchy
  • The logo is printed on very high quality retro-reflective fabric to ensure high visibility and thereby safety of the worker