Monsoon Safety!

Monsoons are just starting and while the cloud and darkness surrounds you, go ahead and do a quick read over some good tips and products to help you remain safe and dry this rainy season!

  • Road Safety Go Slow. In bad weather the posted speed limit may not be safe. When it first starts raining the roads are slick with oil, which makes them more slippery.Make sure that your headlights are on. Visibility is limited when it is storming. You want to make sure that you are not only seeing all that you can, but that other drivers can see you.Stay extra alert in the dark. Visibility is even more compromised at night. Slow down and pay extra close attention to changing weather and road conditions.If you suffer a mechanical breakdown or tire failure, remain calm, slow down, keep the steering wheel straight, and drive the vehicle to a safe area as far from traffic as possible. ALWAYS wear your seat belt! Remember to be a patient and courteous driver
  • What to Wear Stand out on the roads in this gloomy weather keeping you visible from distance. Coming to your Rain wear, choosing a Bright preferable fluorescent colour Green/Orange adding some High visibility Reflective straps to your rain wear enhances your visibility to the drivers and helps you remain highly visible and safe during heavy rains/fog and night. Add a pair for Rain boots to save your legs from mud and leeches
  • Bag/Products Safety Cell-phones, charger, tiffin, power-bank and what not! We have a habit of carrying a lot many things in our bag-pack on daily basis. Keeping them away from water during monsoons is a key task! Thankfully, there are waterproof bags and other small plasticpouches to cover your small electronic products well. For Office travellers, bikers and school kids, the solution to keep their bags clean and dry is a reflective Rucksack cover! It not only keeps your bag water proof and dust free but it also makes your visible from great distance as it is REFLECTIVE
  • Keeping things handy Keeping some important things handy for during emergencies is important. A small emergency medical kit/first aid box is at the top of the list. A fully charged Power bank comes next. Due to Heavy Rain fall and lightening at times we have faced power cut, in such times, it is necessary to have your mobile fully charged. Keep a Small Torch and 2 extra batteries with you to beat the darkness that can happen due to power cut. Some snacks and fruits should be easily available.

Thus having these emergency things handy and following certain safety rules for monsoons can help you remain safe and enjoy your rainy season to the fullest! Stay safe #VisibilitySpeaksSafety Happy Monsoons!

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