Complete Guide to Hi-Visibility Clothing And Why It Means To Be Safe

Guide to Hi-Visibility Clothing And Why It Means To Be Safe

  • “Why Reflectosafe" - What is unique about Hi-viz garments? Hi-viz garments or High visibility garments are worn by people to improve their visibility in conditions where there is a lack of visibility. The clothing is made from materials that are luminescent and makes people aware of the presence of the wearer.
    Being the leading company for reflective garments, ReflectoSafe’s reflective gear is created with safety and comfort in mind. Every reflective product undergoes a series of quality tests in our in-house labs to make sure that the reflective gear is 100% safe and fit to use.
  • Why are Hi-Viz garments important? Road accidents due to low visibility are one of the significant causes of accidental deaths in India. Since hi-viz apparel increases the visibility of the wearer, the number of road accidents can potentially be lowered.

Whom do Reflectosafe's Hi-Viz garments help?

  • Police The jobs of the policemen demand their service at any time of the day. That means they are supposed to work during the night too. Besides this, they may work in weather conditions where the visibility is low during the day too. To keep the officers safe on roads, reflective clothes or accessories can be used to improve the officer’s visibility to the public thus keeping them safe.
  • Traffic police Traffic police are constantly surrounded by speeding vehicles in every weather condition. Being the most vulnerable to road accidents, reflective clothing helps keep them away from fatalities.
  • Construction workers Construction workers work in all kinds of weather conditions and places. The most dangerous condition is working on roads during monsoons where the visibility of the workers is low. To ensure their safety, reflective vests act as a saviour for them.
  • Cyclists / Early morning exercise enthusiasts While cycling after evening or at dawn, cyclists become less visible to the vehicle drivers due to the lack of light. This makes them more prone to fatal road accidents. Not only cyclists but also people who walk or exercise outdoors during early hours or late nights are at risk of meeting with an accident. To stay away from such unfortunate events, reflective apparel can be a huge help. Reflective armbands, reflective jackets and other gears are some of the reflective apparel that can help them ensure high visibility.
  • Delivery personnel People who travel to deliver goods by bike, face the threat of road accidents due to low visibility caused by weather conditions or lack of light. The risk of accidents can be reduced if the delivery personnel are equipped with proper reflective clothing. It will help them become visible to other drivers and people in the surroundings.

Whom do Reflectosafe's Hi-Viz garments help?

To ensure your and your team’s safety Hi-viz clothing is necessary, however, choosing the right kind of clothing is just as important. There are a few things that need to be checked while getting the reflective clothing. Some of the things to look for are-

  • Know your working environment Different reflective clothing is made for different situations and environments. Hi-viz clothing made for cyclists is not suitable for construction workers or the traffic police. Each piece of clothing is strategically designed to meet the safety needs of the different wearers. So before making a purchase understand the needs and conditions you and your team are working in.
  • Features more efficiency Staying safe must be a priority but it should not come in the way of convenience. Adding additional features to Hi-viz clothing like pockets for mobile phones and an extra slot for pens and small working tools should be considered. It will help the wearer to be efficient in the work and not have to fuss about carrying his things.
  • Comfort shouldn’t be compromised You do not have to pick between comfort and safety when you can find both. Comfort is linked to better efficiency as the wearers will be more productive if the clothing allows them to move comfortably. Look for Hi-viz clothing that is made with light-weight material, has a ventilating facility and has better flexibility.

ReflectoSafe is the pioneer and one of the biggest manufacturers of High Visibility Safety clothing in India. We understand the need for High Visibility products in India where diverse climatic conditions change visibility at different times of the day. We take responsibility and ensure that the public has the best possible visibility in any weather condition and that their life is not at stake during low visibility hours. We are the first Indian Brand to manufacture ISI marked Reflective Safety Jackets (IS 20471/IS 15809:2017). Being a consumer-oriented brand, we constantly focus on innovation and create quality products to keep our users safe in low visibility conditions. With an extensive range of products strategically designed for different environmental conditions, we strive to provide not only safety but also comfort.

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