A man wearing a reflective jacket rides a bicycle in winter

Cycling Can Be Made Safer By Reflective Vests

Heat and rains being the most extreme seasons in Mumbai, winter remains the best season for your cycling and biking rides! It can be fun and exciting only if you are dressed appropriate. Here are a few tips for you winter rides by ReflectoSafe

  • First and the utmost part is checking on your ride (Vehicle) Make sure you bike/cycle is fully functional, checking your bike/cycle lights are a must during winter cycling/biking. Like you, your vehicle too is not immune to the cold and dry winter.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing for the cold season is extremely important to keep your body from chilling throughout your ride.Rider should prefer wearing a loose base clothing over which, you should wear your riding jersey.Ensure to opt for thermals or polypropylene, they work great as a base layer for winter cycling.Do not forget to zip up a jacket! Throughout winter cycling, it will help divert the wind. Wear full gloves as wearinghalf cut gloves, your fingers become numb and you don’t know how well you are braking, thus affecting your control on the bike. During winter cyclinga long pair of socks, leg warmers &a pair of track pants will serve the purpose.Don’t forget to cover your head and neck, a head and a neck gaiter are the best to cover and trap in heat to prevent that excess heat loss.
  • Concentrate and be alert. Watch out for any kind of road hazards such as potholes, uneven road, glass pieces, dogs, puddles etc. All of it can be hazardous and can cause accidents. Also low visibility and fog adds to the causes of accidents
  • Obey all the traffic rules and go in the direction of the traffic. The traffic rules stay same whether you are on a bike or a cycle.

Fog and heavy mist on the roads seems to be a common issue during the winter season in India. Most of the accidents reported in winter are caused by lack of clarity due to the fog which clouds up Indian roadways in early mornings and late nights. In order to be safe and avoid accidents in such cases, it is advised to wear a High Visibility reflective Safety Jacket. It helps you become visible to other riders from a distance and hence reduces the possibility of accidents in low visibility or foggy conditions. Wearing a high visibility reflective winter wear is even better as it keeps you warm in the cold season while improving your Visibility to other riders and keeping you safe!

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