India has used the ISI mark to identify industrial items as meeting standards. The mark attests to a product’s compliance with an Indian standard (IS) created by India’s national standards organization, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In the Indian subcontinent, the ISI mark is by far the most recognizable certification mark.

The International Organization for Standardization is a global organization for the development of standards made up of representatives from the national standards bodies of the member nations. is a private, non-governmental organization made up of various national standards organizations.

  • While ISI rules are established by the Indian bureaucracy, ISO guidelines are established by a non-governmental body.
  • Exclusively overseas goods carry ISO markings, whereas goods created in India only carry ISI marks.
  • Businesses that trade internationally must have ISO certification, whereas those that are based and only conduct business in India must have ISI certification.
  • Unlike ISI, which can be obtained through BIS, ISO does not offer product certification directly.
  • Unlike ISI certification, which is only valid for a year, ISO certification is valid for longer.


User guidelines of hi-visible jackets as per indian & international standards ​

There are 3 discrete levels of risks areas as per iso 20471 standards for high visibility warning clothing. In accordance, there are 3 different types of high visibility warning clothing that can be used.

Features of Class 1

Example of workers in class 1

Conspicuity level for use in activities where risk levels exceed those in class I such as:

Example of workers in class 2

Conspicuity level for use in occupational activities where risk level exceeds those in class 2, such as where

Example of workers in class 3

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Government of India has issued Quality Control Order (QCO) on protective workwear like reflective safety jackets and Fore Retardant Garment to stipulate conformity of these products to Indian Standards.

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